Non-Slip Pads

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16 Results

Keep your saddle properly positioned with the assistance of a non-slip saddle pad. For equestrians that routinely ride round horses or horses with a minimal wither or mutton wither, it may be difficult to keep your saddle centered and balanced, no matter how much you tighten the girth. A non-slip saddle pad grips your horse's coat and your saddle in order to keep it in place.

A saddle that is positioned too far forward puts pressure on the shoulder blades, which inhibits your horse's movement and performance. Meanwhile, a saddle that has slipped too far back may put pressure on your horse's floating ribs and cause unnecessary back pain.

We carry no-slip saddle pads from your favorite equestrian brands including Nunn Finer, Professional's Choice, Success Equestrian, and ThinLine. Utilizing technical fabrics and perforated rubber, these innovative saddle pads keep your saddle correctly positioned while helping the heat to dissipate from your horse's back.

Our selection of anti-slip pads come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of every equestrian. Some of the non-slip pads are designed to be worn underneath your traditional saddle pad. These are a great option if you use specialized corrective pads on your horse to provide optimal saddle fit. Other saddle pads integrate non-slip neoprene patches into a close contact saddle pad, dressage pad, or half pad for a show ring ready look.

Eliminate the need to reposition your saddle with a non-slip English saddle pad. If you would like assistance choosing the proper anti-slip saddle pad for you and your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who all have years of hands on experience with the equine products that we carry.