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35 Results
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One of the most common questions we get here at The Cheshire Horse is “How do I keep weight on my horse?” An underweight horse can have difficulty in training, low energy levels, issues staying warm, and/or poor coat quality. There are various factors that contribute to weight issues or maintaining a healthy weight. This can be improper nutrition absorption caused by parasites or poor diet, or your horse may be genetically predisposed, have problems with their teeth, or general illnesses, or there may be other environmental factors like stress.

It is important to give your horse the right type of fat in order to create a healthy weight; fortunately, we have a wide selection of high-fat feeds and supplements to provide your performance horse with cool calories that help maintain weight while not affecting focus or increasing excitability. For more information on cool calories, read our blog post.

Cocosoya has been our most popular weight gain supplement over the years, as it comes in a variety of forms and is formulated with coconut and soybean oils; this makes it a highly palatable top-dress weight gain supplement. Horse owners typically see a difference in less than 2 weeks when fed properly. Long-term use of Cocosoya can help maintain a horse's overall health, including weight, coat, and hoof quality. Horses that are genetically prone to being skinny such as Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds may benefit from an ongoing maintenance dose of Cocosoya.

If you have an underweight horse or emaciated rescue case, a quality high-fat feed combined with a weight gain supplement is recommended for your horse. The advantage of a high-fat feed is that it's an all-in-one product, and the horse will gain weight along with receiving proper nutrition. A few quality horse feeds for weight gain include Fibergized Omega, Ultium from Purina, and Tribute Kalm Ultra. Our customers' favorite weight gain supplements include Cocosoya, Ultimate Finish, Farnam Weight Builder, Manna Pro Cool Calories, and Omega Horseshine.

If you have a horse that is a hard keeper, it can seem like no matter what you are feeding, your horse can’t seem to gain the weight they need. Combining a weight gain supplement along with any feed program can be the missing link. To help senior horses stay warm in the winter, feeding a daily weight gain supplement can be beneficial. You can be confident that you are feeding high-quality omega 3 fats, or cool calories, with the supplements purchased at The Cheshire Horse.