Combination Bits

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1 Results

An exciting addition to the Myler Bit family, Myler Combination bits allow you to combine the steering and fine-tuned control of a bit with the stopping power and education of a hackamore. Developed by three brothers who are third-generation horsemen, the Myler Bit line is a graduated system that is comprised of three different level mouthpieces. Each designed with the horse’s comfort in mind, the levels take into account your horse’s demeanor and level of training.

We are proud to carry an extensive selection of Myler Bits, including their highly popular combination bits. This hybrid system allows you to utilize two sets of rings, one of which is attached to the three-ring bit (working on the bars of the mouth and the tongue) and the other is attached to the noseband (which applies nose pressure and poll pressure). These innovative bits allow you to educate your horse to bit pressure while being able to reinforce the aids with nose pressure (something that is taught as soon as you halter break a horse).

Available in Level One, Level Two, and Level Three mouthpieces, combination bits are appropriate to use with horses of every level of training. From green horses with a fearful demeanor to calm well-trained horses, we carry the right combination bit for your horse.

Selecting the perfect bit for your horse can be a difficult process, we want to help! Check out our blog post, Choosing the Right Myler Bit for Your Horse, or contact our experienced sales staff for assistance in deciding which combination bit your horse would best benefit from.