Poultry Feeders & Waterers

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98 Results

At The Cheshire Horse, we make it easy to provide your small animal companion with quality nutrition and hydration. Our selection of durable feeders and waterers are perfectly sized for your gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, and chinchillas.

Chew-resistant materials are popular when feeding small animals. We stock metal and ceramic feeders in addition to the more economical plastic feed tubs. Ceramic crocks are typically used for mice, gerbils, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs, while rabbits and chinchillas prefer cage-mounted metal feeders. Our selection of rugged small animal feeders includes all of your favorite pet brands, such as Pet Lodge, Super Pet, Kaytee, Living World, and Ethical Pet. If you have multiple animals, it is recommended that for biosecurity purposes, the feeder is completely disinfected before moving it to another cage or giving it to another pet. This is difficult with plastic feeders, so we suggest purchasing a new plastic crock for each animal.

Many small animal enthusiasts turn to cage mounted waterers. These water bottles are hung from the side of the cage with a ballpoint tube so that your pet is able to easily drink. The nozzle keeps the cage bedding dry and assists in keeping the water clean and free from shavings and manure, so fresh water is available at all times. Shop our inventory of high-quality and heavy-duty rabbit and small pet waterers from farm supply companies including Pet Lodge, Little Giant, Kaytee, Miller Manufacturing, and Ware Manufacturing, Inc. If your rabbits live in outdoor hutches during the winter, we also carry heated waterers to eliminate the potential for freezing from API and Farm Innovators.

With everything you need to care for your small animals, we also carry a complete collection of Bedding and Litter, Small Animal Cages, Small Animal Accessories, Small Animal Feed, and Small Animal Treats in addition to our Small Animal Feeders and Waterers.

The proper watering and feeding supplies make caring for your small companion easier. If you have questions regarding the specific small animal products that we carry or would like assistance making your feeder and waterer purchase, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and pet-loving sales staff.