Saddle Pads

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393 Results
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Saddle pads come in many different shapes and sizes, and are designed for specific purposes; finding the right one to fit your horse's needs can be overwhelming. Here at The Cheshire Horse, we have dedicated professionals who are knowledgeable about the fit, technology, and design of saddle pads and can guide you in determining which English saddle pad would be the best choice for your situation.

While it is always ideal to have a saddle that fits perfectly, the truth is that often a saddle pad is needed to serve as a protective layer for the horse's back, distributing the weight of both the saddle and the rider for the comfort of the horse. Also due to the complexity of a horse's back and how saddle trees are constructed, many saddles could have balance issues resulting in pressure points. The right saddle pad can be tremendously helpful in lifting the front or back of the saddle or filling in hollow areas under the saddle.

The therapeutic saddle pad can help the balance of the saddle but more importantly, they are designed to protect the horse's back from the shock and concussion of a rider's movement. No one likes to deal with back pain and your horse is no different. Sheepskin saddle pads are one of the best choices for a sore-backed horse. The unique fiber construction of sheepskin draws away excess heat and moisture to prevent the horse's back muscles from overheating. Natural sheepskin also minimizes the friction between the saddle and the horse's back.

Brands like Mattes, Fleeceworks and Shires offer quality, natural sheepskin saddle pads that provide cushioning and wicking properties as well as help alleviate pressure points. Other choices for therapeutic pads include gel pads, memory foam pads, closed-cell foam, high-impact foam, and open-cell low-density foam. These pads come in both half-pad and full-pad styles, from brands like Thinline, Pro-lite, and Back on Track.

Have a round-barrelled horse and need a saddle pad to help prevent the saddle from slipping? Choose grippy non-slip saddle pads to prevent pad movement in both Dressage and Hunter Jumper styles. We also have correction pads that are designed with front and rear pockets for shims to help balance the saddle on the horse's back and help improve overall saddle fit.

Saddle pads come in a variety of materials from 100% cotton, sheepskin, wool felt, and flannel cotton underlay, as well as in technical fabrics that wick away sweat - like coolmax and stay dri lining. Be sure to wash your sheepskin pad with the proper detergent like; Leather Therapy Wash, Pepede or MELP.

Choose from an extensive collection of colorful English saddle pads, in Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Eventing, or Endurance styles. We offer a wonderful selection of Pony saddle pads and baby pads! With so many saddle pads to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you and your horse? Come talk to the experts for suggestions on which type of saddle pad is best suited for you!