Hay Bags & Nets

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45 Results
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Keep your horse’s hay off of the ground and minimize waste with a hay bag or hay net. Convenient for feeding long-stem forage, hay nets can be used in the stall or paddock, or on the go in the trailer.

We carry an extensive selection of durable hay nets and hay bags from your favorite equestrian brands, including Jacks, Scenic Road Manufacturing, Schneiders, Thin Air Canvas Inc, and Tough-1. Typically, hay bags, like the Tough Nylon Tote Hay Bag, have a single hole for eating, while hay nets, like the Shires Mesh Hay Net, hold the hay in a mesh-like structure and allow your horse to munch from every angle.

The use of slow-feeding hay nets is becoming increasingly popular. The small holes in the net slow your horse or pony’s rate of consumption, encouraging them to take smaller bites of hay. This is great for horses that are overweight or suffer from Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS). Keeping forage consistently available for your horse also reduces the chance of ulcers. We carry a number of slow-feed hay nets, including the Kensington Slow Feed 4 Flake Hay Bag and the Shires Greedy Feeder Hay Net. Read Marianne Hamshaw’s (the owner/founder of The Cheshire Horse) NibbleNet Hay Bag Review to learn how her horses have benefited from using a small hole hay bag.

Whether you are shopping for a hay bag for the horse trailer or a hay net for your horse’s stall, we carry a large inventory both in-store and online. If you have questions regarding the hay nets that we carry or would like assistance selecting the right hay bag for your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable sales staff who all have years of experience with horses.