Wet Cat Food

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200 Results

Many cats love the moist meaty flavor of wet cat food. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an extensive selection of wet cat food to ensure that we can please even the pickiest feline palates. In addition to our comprehensive wet food formulas, we also have foods formulated for specific diets including high protein, weight management, organic, sensitive stomachs, and hairball management.

Our online and in-store inventory of wet feline food comes from trusted pet food manufacturers including Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Essence Pet Food, Earthborn Holistic, and Weruva. These quality cat foods are high in amino acids such as Taurine and Arginine to provide your cat with the essential building blocks of life which his wild ancestors would have received from eating raw prey.

Keeping your cat properly hydrated is essential to the wellbeing of your cat’s urinary tract. Male cats are particularly susceptible to kidney stones and other urinary issues due to their small urethra. Feeding your cats a diet that includes wet cat food ensures that they are consuming enough water. If your cat struggles with dehydration, consider adding a few additional tablespoons of warm water before serving to your cat.

Integrate wet food into your cat’s diet to ensure that you are meeting all of his individual needs. Learn more about your cat’s nutritional needs on our blog post, Everything You Need to Know about Dog & Cat Nutrition. Contact a highly trained member of our friendly, cat-loving sales staff for a complimentary feline nutrition consultation to find foods which meet your cat’s dietary requirements.