Crafty Ponies

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92 Results

So much more than a cuddly stuffed animal, Crafty Ponies provide young equine enthusiasts with horsemanship lessons that will last a lifetime. These high-quality plush toys come in a wide variety of colors, from chestnut to appaloosa and everything in between, so that you can match your child’s favorite pony or help them to build a fantastic and colorful herd. You can even add socks or feathers to customize each horse. Their manes and tails are made from quality cotton, giving children the opportunity to brush and braid them.

Each Crafty Pony comes with their own learning passport booklet which teaches their new young owners about how to properly care for horses including tacking up, polo wrapping legs, and even suturing. The miniature equine accessories are what make the Crafty Ponies so unique. Manufactured to replicate and fit exactly like their full-size counterparts, you can outfit your Crafty Pony from head to hoof. Shop our selection of Crafty Pony tack and accessories, including halters, saddles, blankets, polo wraps, and grooming kits, all of which help to teach hands-on skills. In fact, each accessory comes with a booklet to teach your junior equestrian how to use the equipment. We even carry a miniature barn that is perfectly sized for your new four-legged friend and play mats for dressage and show jumping competitions.

Make playtime even more fun by adding a Crafty Pony Rider Doll to your stable. These durable toys can be positioned atop the pony for pretend riding. Their hands even feature elastic bands so that they can properly grasp the reins, lead ropes, and lunge lines. You can also purchase various outfits for your rider so they can dress for every occasion.

A wonderful way to encourage imaginative play and screen-free entertainment, the Crafty Pony collection is sure to delight and inspire the youngster in your life. These toys truly teach children how to be capable equestrians by providing them with hands-on horsemanship lessons at an economical price point.

Jumpstart your young horse lover’s passion with a new Crafty Pony or Crafty Pony accessory. They make perfect holiday, birthday, and just-because presents. After all, what is better than giving your child the gift of learning about horses? Contact us today if you would like assistance choosing the perfect Crafty Pony for your child.