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18 Results
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Forget the groundhog, your horse will let you know when spring is arriving! For many equestrians, the first sign of spring is when your horse begins to shed it's winter coat. While we welcome it with open arms (after all, summer is coming!), it can be a bit messy without the proper equipment. We carry an extensive selection of shedding blades, deshedding rakes, and shedding tools to facilitate easy grooming during shedding season.

We know that the right shedding tools can help you convert your wooly mammoth back into a smooth and sleek horse. A perennial customer favorite, shedding blades, such as the ones we carry from Weaver Leather, Grooma, and Partrade Trading, remove incredible amount of hair in one easy movement. Simply stroke the metal teeth through your horse's fur and watch excess clumps fall away. This time-tested tools also have an additional benefit, simply flip it over and use the smooth metal side as a sweat scraper!

Betty's Best StripHair Gentle Groomer for Dogs & Horses may end up becoming the most versatile tool in your grooming box. This all-in-one grooming tool has the potential to replace your brush, curry comb, and sweat scraper, while also being a highly effective shedding tool.

An innovative new product, the HandsOn Grooming Glove changes the way that you groom your horse. By literally grooming your horse with your hands, you are able to check them for lumps, bumps and scratches with your hands, while loosening dirt and removing fur. They work great on your dog as well!

Your favorite short-stirrup rider will be delighted with the Epona Shed Flower. Available in numerous colors, this durable flower fits in hands of all sizes while effortlessly removing dirt, dander, and excess fur.

If shedding season isn't coming fast enough for you this year, check out our assortment of body clippers to make quick work of your horse's winter coat.

Shedding season can be tough, but it means that summer weather is just around the corner! Ask our experienced sales staff which shedding implement is right for you and your horse!