Cat Food Toppers

62 Results
62 Results

The addition of cat food toppers to your cat’s diet is an easy way to increase the nutrition value and add essential vitamins and minerals to your feline’s meal. Toppers also add unique flavors, making them extremely popular for picky eaters and hard-to-please feline palates.

We carry a variety of cat food toppers from respected pet food manufacturers, including Fruitables, Open Farm, Primal Pet Foods, Steve's Real Food, and Tiki Cat. 

Broths, purees, and kefir can increase your cat’s hydration levels while also supplementing their diet with extra nutrition and supporting their immune system, joints, and digestive system.

Pumpkin is a popular food topper for both cats and dogs. It assists in your pet’s digestion and helps to soothe mild diarrhea and constipation. It is extremely beneficial for cats, since the fiber in the pumpkin aids in the elimination of hairballs. Learn more on our blog post, Nutritional Benefits of Pumpkin for Pets. This wonderful ingredient can be found in a number of feline food toppers.

Please note, some of these products, particularly raw toppers and probiotic toppers, are extremely perishable in nature. Certain products may not be available for shipping, however we offer free in-store pick-up services for all our online orders at our Swanzey, NH, location.

Your cat may be a candidate for cat food toppers and natural feed supplements. Learn more about toppers and other types of cat food on our blog post, Alternative Pet Foods Explained. Our friendly and highly-trained sales staff are always available to assist you in maximizing your cat’s diet. Contact us today to set up a complimentary feline nutrition consultation and find a custom-fit feeding program for your cat.