Llama & Alpaca Feed

10 Results
10 Results

Whether you raise llamas and/or alpacas for pleasure, show, fiber, companionship, or meat, quality nutrition is essential to the health of your camelid companions. Typically, they thrive on high forage diets with grain supplementation to meet their protein, vitamin, and mineral requirements.

We carry a large selection of llama and alpaca feeds, grains, and supplements from popular livestock feed manufacturers including Purina Mills, Mazuri, Kalmbach Feeds, and Nutrena. Llamas, much like sheep, are sensitive to copper, so it is essential that they eat feed that is formulated specifically for them. Additionally, it is recommended by many animal nutritionists that they do not eat sweet feed, as the high sugar intake may cause digestive system upset or distress like ruminal acidosis or bloat.

When feeding your llama or alpaca, look for a formulation that meets their individual life stage. Many adult llamas and alpacas do well on a maintenance feed like the Nutrena Country Feeds Llama & Alpaca Feed, which provides a balanced diet when fed in conjunction with high-quality hay or pasture. We also carry high protein and high fiber feeds for animals with different dietary needs.

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Keep your llamas and alpacas happy and healthy with our assortment of well researched, quality feeds. Our experienced sales staff is always available to answer any questions regarding the alpaca and llama feeds that we carry. Contact us today for a complimentary nutrition consultation where our highly-trained staff members can ensure that your animals are receiving all the nutrients they need to fulfill their dietary requirements.