Grooming Halters

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2 Results

For grooming your horse, nothing beats the functionality of a grooming halter. By not having a throatlatch, these halters give you easy access to your horse’s cheeks, chin, and muzzle. Easily brush or wash your horse’s head and face while still having them safely secured on the crossties. 

We carry a selection of these specialized halters from Perri's Leather, Triple E Manufacturing, and Walsh. We love leather grooming halters for grooming at home and at competitions, with its classic design and high-quality leather. Adjustable at the nose and over the crownpiece, it fits a wide array of horses while making them look like a million bucks.

Nylon grooming halters, like the Perri's Nylon Grooming Halter and the Triple E Nylon Grooming Halter, are wonderful options for bathing your well-behaved horse. The design allows you to easily wash your horse’s head and neck, while the durable nylon material holds up well to being soaked by soap and water. Because these halters do not have a throatlatch, they are not recommended for horses that may pull back while being bathed.

Many equestrians also use these halters for clipping their horse’s heads. They allow you to easily trim the long hairs that grow along the jowls without needing to wrestle with the halter straps.

For assistance in purchasing the ideal grooming halter for your horse, we welcome you to reach out to our friendly and experienced sales staff.