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28 Results

When jumping your horse, sometimes a riding crop can become unwieldy and difficult to handle. For this reason, many hunter/jumper riders and event riders prefer a jumping bat when schooling or competing over fences. A short bat with a large popper on the end is easy to switch between hands, even while you are on course.

We carry a full selection of riding bats from trusted equestrian manufacturers such as Fleck, Horse Fare, Horze, Snowbee, and Weaver Leather. 

When schooling, many equestrians turn to an economical yet durable bat. Perfect for long hours in the saddle spent perfecting oxers, rollbacks, and lead changes, the Jump Bat from Snowbee features a rubber handle and thread-wrapped shaft, which makes it ideal no matter the weather. Even in wet and cold conditions, this bat is easy to grip and control.

On competition days, the Fleck Woven Nylon Fleck Grip Riding Bat, available in 45 cm and 60 cm, provides a sophisticated and classy appearance paired with the utmost functionality. Utilizing the highest quality materials, a Fleck bat is sure to withstand many challenging rides as well as blue ribbon classes.

Selecting the right bat for you is a personal experience. It should fit comfortably in your hand while feeling solid and sturdy. The bat should be short enough to easily control while long enough for you to still use it effectively.

If you have any questions about any of the jumping bats we carry or would like a personalized product recommendation from a member of our experienced sales staff, we encourage you to reach out to us today.