Side Reins

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16 Results

Side reins are a useful training tool primarily used for groundwork and in-hand work. When attached to the bit or the lunging cavesson and the surcingle or saddle billets, side reins encourage self-carriage and neck flexion from your horse. When adjusted properly, side reins will impart light pressure on the horse's mouth; it is the responsibility of the handler to keep the horse moving forward to the contact off of their hindquarters.

We carry an extensive selection of leather side reins and nylon side reins from trusted equestrian brands including Gatsby, Kincade, Nunn Finer, Perri's Leather, Schneiders, and Tory Leather. Draw reins are highly adjustable, allowing them to fit horses of all shapes and sizes. We also carry shorter pony-sized draw reins which are perfect for longing small ponies and miniature horses.

Many equestrian prefer elastic draw reins or donut draw reins (also called rubber ring draw reins) which allow your horse to maintain a soft and giving connection with the bit.

Balancing draw reins form a ‘V' shape which ensures that you horse cannot brace against the reins, particularly when turning. They can be a useful tool when retraining horses, such as Off Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs).

As with other training equipment, side reins should be introduced to your horse or pony slowly under the watchful eye of an experienced equestrian. Consult with a horse trainer if you would like assistance using side reins with your horse.

Build your horse's topline by correctly utilizing draw reins. If you have any questions regarding the styles of draw reins that we carry or would like assistance making your draw rein purchase, we encourage you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable and highly-trained sales staff who have years of hands on horse experience.