Horse Health

806 Results
806 Results

From routine care like deworming your herd, to treating minor ailments like scratches, rain rot, abscesses, thrush, or sore soles, The Cheshire Horse has the horse health care items that you need to keep your horses healthy. Whether you are looking for natural remedies, cutting edge new products, or the good old standbys, you can find it at The Cheshire Horse - and all with budget-friendly prices!

With over 20 choices of all natural fly sprays, we have an extensive offering of herbal products that are both effective and environmentally safe. We even have hard to find brands like Wondercide, Zephyr's Garden, and more.

Looking for something more than fly spray to get rid of the flies? We also have fly leg bands. Fighting flies has never been so easy!

Healthy hooves are the foundation of a healthy horse. Keep your horse's hooves healthy with hoof oils, riding hoof boots, thrush remedies, and hoof packing. Looking for tools to help maintain your horse's hooves? Browse our supply of Farrier Supplies.

If you need to give your horse pills, and you're tired of making a mess crushing them up, try Dimples Horse Treats and hide the pills inside this tasty treat! Your horse will appreciate it too

We carry a full line of Back on Track products that are made with ceramic infused fabric that increases circulation which helps to reduce inflammation. We also have liniments and poultices from Sore No More, Absorbine, Bigeloil, and Vetrolin. It's always a good idea to keep some flexible ice wraps and other cold therapy products in the fridge so you always have them on hand.

Stock up your first aid kit for the barn and trailer, so that you are always prepared for an emergency. We have it all, from bandages and wraps to ointments, stethoscopes, thermometers, vetwrap, BB Cotton rolls, Wonder Dust, and Duct Tape.

Salt is an essential mineral that replenishes electrolytes and comes in a variety of forms to feed to your horse. Choose from trace minerals, mineral enhanced salt licks, or plain salt. We have salt licks that hang and can help to relieve boredom in stalls, like Himalayan salt and the LikIt horse toys.

From cribbing straps to Wilker's No Bow Wraps, and from Bag Balm to daily dewormers, everything you need to care of your horse can be found at budget-friendly prices at The Cheshire Horse.