Tack Room Supplies

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81 Results

At The Cheshire Horse, we know what it's like to need more storage in your tack room. Between saddles, bridles, saddle pads, blankets, and more, things can get chaotic. To help you make some order out of the chaos, we carry different storage equipment like blanket racks, bridle racks and brackets, saddle racks and saddle stands, among other tack room essentials.

Make blanket storage easy with blanket bars from Apple Picker or Intrepid. These bars attach easily to a wall - or even a stall door - and are ready to hold your oversized horse clothing. The Apple Picker 4 Bar Blanket Holder can even hold four horse blankets!

Probably the hardest item to store in any tack room is the bridle. With so many straps and buckles, bridles can easily get tangled and knotted. You can make bridle storage a little easier with individual hooks or brackets for each bridle. Browse our selection of single bridle brackets and bridle racks from Horse Fare, Roma, and other great brands, to start organizing your horse's headgear.

Even more than other tack, you want to care for your saddle. This big investment needs proper storage to keep from bending or denting. The Cheshire Horse has a variety of saddle racks and saddle stands that can help you keep your saddle in pristine shape. Hang a Stubbs England Standard Saddle Rack on your wall, or store your saddle on a stand-alone Tough-1 Folding Floor Saddle Rack with Web Bottom.

Browse our tack room supplies for other essentials, like a Hobby Horse Horse Show Checklist or Pyranha Odaway Odor Absorber Spray.