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48 Results

Around the barn, a sponge is a versatile and indispensable tool. A great grooming tool, a sponge can also assist in cleaning tack as well as scrubbing barn walls and other services. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide variety of natural sponges and synthetic sponges to ensure that you have the right tool for every application.

Your favorite equestrians brands like Roma, Epona, Hydra, Tail Tamer, and Equi-Essentials bring you the ultimate in grooming and bathing sponges. The Hydra Honeycomb Professional Body & Bath Sponge is a consistent favorite among our customers when it comes to giving their horse's baths, since they are so durable and absorbent. Large bathing sponges make it easy to apply shampoo and conditioner and then effortlessly rinse away the dirt. Consider picking up an extra that you keep specifically for liniment brace applications. When washing your horse's face and legs, a microfiber sponge, like theWeaver Sponge with Microfiber Fingers, is often preferred by sensitive horses on these delicate areas.

For cleaning tack, look for small sponges that fit easily in your hand, like the Small Scrubber Sponge from GT Reid or the Tail Tamer Puck Tack Sponge. These petite sponges make it easy to get into all of the nooks and crannies of your saddle, while also easily cleaning laced reins. Learn more about proper leather care on our blog.

Cool down your horse while riding on the trails with the Jacks Natural Endurance Sponge. This durable sponge is encased in a mesh bag which is attached to a long tether; simply snap it to your saddle d-ring, and dunk it in the water as you pass through a brook or river. It is a great tool to quickly rinse sweat from your horse and help them to cool off during an endurance ride or competitive trail ride.

We have sponges available for a number of applications around the barn. Our friendly and experienced sales associates are always available to answer questions about the products that we carry as well as assist you in your purchase.