Western Footwear

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38 Results
Tall or short, round toe or square, colorful or traditional, for show, just for kicks, or made to muck – we have Western boots for a variety of personalities and activities.

Originally created out of necessity for cowboys doing challenging ranch work on difficult terrain, the Western boot has evolved to suit a variety of purposes - while retaining its essence, with the traditional laceless slip-on style and the heel that is typically about 1" tall.

The two main types of Western boots available today are the classic Western boot, and the roper. The shaft of the classic Western boot is typically about 12″ high and hits around mid-calf. These boots have an angled heel that is roughly 1″ in height. The roper style features a shorter shaft that hits lower on the calf and a flatter and lower heel that is less than 1″ tall. The Justin Boots Gypsy style is a type of Roper boot.

The comfort of your boots starts with a proper fit. Western boot sizing differs slightly from brand to brand, although overall they do tend to run on the large side, so start by trying on boots that are a half to a full size smaller than you normally wear. When you slide your heel into the boot, it should make an audible "pop" sound. Once on, some heel slippage is normal for a brand new pair. This will decrease as the boots break in and mold to your feet.

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