Therapeutic Saddle Pads

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32 Results
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Keep your horse's back comfortable with our selection of therapeutic English saddle pads. In addition to protecting your horse's skin from saddle rubs, these therapeutic pads provide comforting relief to back pain and improve the fit of your saddle.

We carry therapeutic saddle pads and therapeutic half pads from all of your favorite equestrian brands including Back on Track, Fleeceworks, Acavallo, Prolite, and Equine Comfort Products (ECP). These work to reduce pressure points on your horse's back while compensating for any changes in your horse's back. They can also help you mitigate the effects of a poorly fitting saddle.

Back on Track is well known for their innovative Welltex fabric. Their saddle pads reflect soothing infrared heat into your horse's back, which has been proven to loosen your horse's back muscles while reducing pain and inflammation. We carry a full assortment of Back on Track saddle pads, including baby pads, back pads, dressage pads, and all purpose pads as well as the Back On Track ThinLine Contender II Therapeutic Pad which allows contains impact reducing technology. Learn more about the specific benefits of Back on Track products and one of our employee's personal experience with their saddle pads on our blog post,Back on Track All Purpose Saddle Pad Review.

The right saddle pad keeps your horse happy and sound while increasing their performance under saddle. If you have any questions regarding the pads in our inventory, we encourage you to speak with a member of our highly-trained sales staff who can assist you in selecting the best therapeutic saddle pad for your horse. If back pain and stiffness is a recurring problem for your horse, we recommend checking the fit of your saddle. For our local customers, we are pleased to offer professional saddle fitting services; we invite you to contact us today to set up your appointment.