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78 Results

Electric fencing is a great way to keep horses and other livestock - such as cows, goats, and sheep - contained. The electricity does not severely hurt your animals, but it does serve as an effective way to startle them and encourage them to stay within your fence lines. You can also fortify traditional three-board fencing with a line of electric wire. This is a fantastic option for cows that have a tendency to lean on the fence or horses that chew or crib on the fence.

We have different power options for your electric fence. A fence controller provides the electric circuit for the fencing. Choose from AC Powered Fence Chargers, Battery Powered Fence Chargers, or Solar Powered Fence Chargers depending on your needs and situation.

Many farms with access to electricity choose to use AC powered controllers. Simply plug these controllers into a grounded outlet, attach your fencing, and you are ready to go! With AC controllers from Patriot, Red Snap'r, Speedrite, Zareba, and many other quality manufacturers, we have options for small paddocks to pastures with a perimeter as large as 220 miles!

Battery powered controllers are wonderful for areas without direct access to electricity. These convenient controllers rely on their own internal powersource. We carry battery powered fence chargers from Dare, Speedrite, and Zareba.

Harness the power of the sun with a solar powered fence controller. There are many solar options available from temporary, small scale chargers to larger, more permanent controllers. Fi-Shock, Gallagher, Parmak, Patriot, and Speedrite manufacture eco-friendly solar powered chargers that are easy to use and easy to care for.

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