One-Ear Headstalls

34 Results
34 Results

One-ear headstalls are attractive and easy to put on your horse, making them a popular option for many Western riders. These simple headstalls consist of a single, adjustable headstall strap that runs from the bit over your horse’s poll and an ear loop that keeps the bridle properly positioned. The earpiece is not fixed to the bridle, so you can slide it to fit your horse. Generally, one-ear headstalls do not have throat latches.


We carry sliding ear headstalls that are appropriate as work tack as well as competition quality headstalls from your favorite Western equestrian brands, including Professional's Choice, Martin Saddlery, Circle Y, ClTory Leather, and Weaver Leather. Traditionally, one-ear headstalls are used in conjunction with leverage bits, such as Western curbs. The leverage action of curb bits puts pressure on the horse’s poll via the cheek pieces and headstall strap when the rein aids are used; this tightens the fit of the headstall and ensures that it will remain properly in place. We recommend using a browband headstall with a throatlatch for riding in Western snaffle bits.


Our inventory of Western single-ear headstalls contains many colors and oil finishes to ensure that we can match your saddle and cinch. For our competitive customers, we carry one-ear headstalls that are adorned with decorative silver plates, silver conchos, tooled leather, and rawhide detailing to dazzle the judge.


In addition to our extensive selection of Western headstall, we also carry a full inventory of coordinating Western reins.


Consider adding a high-quality one-ear headstall to your daily riding equipment. If you have any questions regarding the Western bridles that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best one-ear headstall to flatter your horse’s features, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff, many of which have hands-on horse experience in the barn and in the saddle.