Cat Outdoor Accessories

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14 Results
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At The Cheshire Horse, we carry everything that you need to properly care for your feline companion. We carry a range of feline products and cat accessories from your favorite pet supply companies including Catit, Hagen Pet Products, PetSafe, PetMate, and UrineOff.

Your cat wearing a collar with your identifying information is an easy way to keep your house cat safe in the event that they accidently leave the comfort of your home. Our selection of cat collars from Yellow Dog Design and RC Pet Products give you a wide array of color and pattern options. If you want to bring your indoor cat on an outside adventure, take a look at the PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Leash which allows you to securely hold your cat as they explore the great outdoors.

A cat door makes it easy to provide indoor/outdoor living for your cat. Simply install it into your door and let your cat come and go at his or her leisure. Cat doors can also be used on an interior door to help your cat access its litter box if you keep it in the closet or basement. The PetSafe Cat Flap is designed specifically to install easily on interior doors.

We carry many ways to naturally care for an anxious cat. Put an end to unwanted scratching, yowling, spraying, vomiting, and more with our products from Thundershirt. The Thunderworks Thunderease Cat Calming Diffuser Kit releases natural facial pheromones which provide a calming effect for many felines. The ThunderShirt Classic Cat Anti-Anxiety Jacket utilizes the common practice of swaddling which has been used with babies and austistic children for decades; the gentle pressure instills a sense of tranquility for your pet.

Assist your cat in leading a happy and healthy life. If you have questions regarding the cat accessories that carry or would like help making your product selection, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our highly-trained, cat-loving sales staff.