Halters & Leads

254 Results
254 Results
A halter is one of the most frequently used items you'll use with your horse. From coming in from the pasture, to grooming sessions, vet and farrier appointments, traveling in the trailer, and more, you need a dependable halter that makes both you and your horse feel great.
We have a wide selection of sizes, with draft horse halters, horse halters, cob halters - and halters to fit the littlest of equines, including ponies, miniature horses, and growing young foals.
Our leather halters from brands like Perri's Leather, Horze, Tory Leather, Walsh, and Weaver Leather provide a classic and refined look. Leather is a durable material that will last for years, but it also will also snap under enough stress in an emergency situation.
Our nylon halters from brands like Weaver, Horze, and Triple E come in a variety of colors and prints. This makes it easy to color-code which halter belongs to which horse, or just to add a little color to your barn. Nylon halters are very easy to clean as well, and they're great for bathing your horse since they can get wet. If you go with a nylon halter for your horse, just be aware that these halters will not break in an emergency situation.
Breakaway halters are made from nylon but have a leather crownpiece. This gives you the best of both worlds, with the fun colors available in nylon, and the safety of a leather halter.
Rope halters are similar to nylon halters, and since they mold to pressure points on your horse's head, they're great for groundwork with your horse. Many natural horsemanship trainers use this kind of halter for this purpose. The Stacy Westfall Rope Halter from Weaver Leather is a great example. To make your rope halter breakaway-friendly, be sure to tie it with a quick-release knot.
Grooming halters make grooming, clipping, and braiding a snap. They typically include just a crown piece and noseband so you can easily maneuver around your horse's face while still securely in cross ties.
What's a halter without a lead rope? We have a variety of rope, nylon, and leather lead ropes - both with and without shanks.