Stirrup Irons & Leathers

110 Results
110 Results

Nothing complements the right saddle more than a perfect pair of stirrups. Although seemingly simple, stirrups come in multiple parts and varieties. For English riders, there are two pieces: stirrup irons and stirrup leathers. The irons can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. The leathers connect the irons to the saddle, and they are usually made of leather and can be adjusted to the length of a rider's leg. The Cheshire Horse is here to help you find the perfect stirrup irons and leathers to make your next ride comfortable and correct.

It is important to find the right irons to support your riding form. Traditional stirrup irons are made of stainless steel and have a textured pad to support your foot, but many innovations have been made to change the shape and materials of stirrups to better support different riders. Among the options at The Cheshire Horse, you'll find anything from a traditional pair of irons - like the Korsteel Knife Edge Fillis Stirrup Irons - to advanced technology - like the Herm Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrup Irons. Whatever you're looking for, our selection is sure to suit your needs.

Need a new pair of stirrup leathers too? We carry a wide range of stirrup leathers to fit every rider and every budget. For great value, consider the Tory Leather 1'' Stirrup Leathers or HDR Triple Covered Close Contact Stirrup Leathers, both of which come in multiple sizes and colors. For a higher end pair, consider any of the stirrup leathers made by Passier, Bates, or Stubben. Some our stirrup leathers from Bobby's English Tack, Smith-Worthington, and Tory Leather come in children's sizes too. Want a pair of budget-friendly leathers just for casual riding? Consider a synthetic pair from Wintec.

While you're updating your tack, don't forget a pair of replacement stirrup pads to keep your feet comfortable.