Grazing Muzzles

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16 Results
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Grazing muzzles are surprisingly versatile around the barn. Whether you use them to combat cribbing or wood chewing, to keep a horse from ingesting too much grass or hay, or to prevent your horse from chewing on bandages and irritating wounds, a savvy equestrian is able to find many uses for a quality muzzle. A properly fitting grazing muzzle allows your horse the ability to breathe and drink normally, and it also allows them to eat, however a grazing muzzle limits your horse's rate of food consumption.

Carrying trusted equine brands such as Best Friend Equine Supply, Harmany Equine Clinic, Roma, ThinLine, and Tough-1, we stock durable grazing muzzles in a number of styles and sizes to ensure that we can fit every horse, pony, and miniature horse in our customer's barns.

Soft and pliable, the Thinline Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle is popular among many of our customers. Designed to be less confining than other muzzles, it is soft on the lips and teeth while being extremely well-ventilated.

Horse with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and Insulin Resistance (IR) are often able to be turned out on pasture when wearing a grazing muzzle. This is great both for their mental health, and also for the prevention of ulcers. Learn more on our blog, Nutritional Management of Insulin Resistant Horses.

Sensitive horses or horses that wear muzzles frequently can lose fur or develop rubs from the muzzle. Keeping your horse's comfort in mind, we carry specialized padding and covers, such as the Best Friend Grazing Muzzle Fleece Cover and the Best Friend Muzzle Buffer, to maximize comfort.

Is your horse a candidate for a grazing muzzle? Talk with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff to determine if your horse could benefit from wearing a muzzle. In addition to answering all of the questions you may have, we are happy to assist you in selecting the right muzzle for your horse.