Stall Equipment

240 Results
240 Results

Keeping your horse comfortable and content in their stall is a cinch with the right equipment! The Cheshire Horse has what you need to fully equip every horse’s stall.

Horses’ favorite pastime is grazing, and they would do so if they could in their stall, so keep them occupied and digesting with hay and a salt block. To keep these things from getting dirty in the stall, consider picking up a hay net or salt block holder. Easy-to-fill hay nets allow 360 degree access to hay - see our options from Tough-1, Shires, and Weaver. For overeaters, a hay bag with a limited eating area will help slow the intake of hay. The Shires Deluxe Hay Bag and The NibbleNet by Thin Air Canvas both feature specially designed small eating areas that will help you slow your horse’s hay consumption. While you’re at it, get that salt block off the ground with the right wall-mounted salt block holder from Miller Manufacturing, High Country Plastics, Horslyx, and many more.

It’s often nice to keep the stall door open to allow more air to flow through a stall, as well as to give your horse an opportunity to be more social. Keep them securely in their stall with a durable stall guard or stall gate from The Cheshire Horse. Choose the right stall guard from our wide selection of rubber stall chains and woven stall guards from durable brands like Horsemen’s Pride, Intrepid International, Schneider’s, and many more. For even more security, consider a stall gate from Horsemen’s Pride.

Browse our stall equipment for other great additions to your stall, like a Jacks Stall ID Plaque or an Apple Picker Stall Fan Mount.