22 Results
22 Results

No matter the season, quality layers can make a huge difference in your comfort at the barn and in the saddle. You want your focus to be on your horse, not your undergarments.

Shop our selection of moisture-wicking, layering apparel from Janus Wool, Engel, and Heat Holders. Our extensive selection of long underwear keeps you warm in the saddle and during barn chores. We even offer therapeutic options from Back on Track to reduce aches, pains, and inflammation.

For women who are looking to be more comfortable while in the saddle, we have specialized sports bras from Engel and Cheata Equestrian. These bras will minimize movement and bounce, helping you to finally master that dreaded sitting trot.

Remember your feet! Check out our extensive sock selection here.

It may seem personal, but please don't hesitate to consult with our friendly sales associate about your undergarment needs. Our professional team can help you to identify your needs and select the correct sizing.