Cribbing Collars

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14 Results

Cribbing, also known as wind-sucking, is a destructive and dangerous stable vice. When a horse cribs, they bite onto a structure (normally a stall wall, fence, or bucket), and arch their necks as they suck air in through their mouth. Cribbing is often a learned behavior in response to stress, however the behavior continues long after the stress has been removed. For horses that begin cribbing seemingly out of the blue, this may be a sign that the horse has developed ulcers.

Cribbing straps or collars are a popular way to discourage this vice. These collars do not prohibit your horse from breathing, eating, or drinking properly, however they apply pressure to your horse's throatlatch when they begin to crib, which makes it harder for them to arch their neck and suck in air. We carry humane style, french style, and nutcracker style cribbing collars from trusted equestrian companies such as Schutz Brothers, Tory Leather, and Weaver Leather. Individual horses respond to each style differently, so if one style is not effective, we recommend giving another a try.

If your sensitive horse develops rubs from the collar, we carry fleece collar covers. These convenient fleece paddings protect your horse's mane and skin from damage. The ECP Comfort Fleece Cribbing Collar Cover and the Weaver Miracle Collar Fleece Cover are excellent options if your horse needs to consistently wear their cribbing collar.

Not only does cribbing cause your horse to destroy your barn and fencing, it also wears down their incisors and can cause serious health issues. Take control of your horse's cribbing with a cribbing collar. If you have questions about any of the products that we carry or would like assistance in making your purchase, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.