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72 Results
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Here kitty, kitty! The right cat bowl or cat feeder is the perfect way to provide your cat with quality nutrition and adequate amounts of fresh, clean water. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an extensive selection of feline feeders and bowls from all of your favorite pet supply brands, including Catit, Farm Innovators, Messy Mutts, OurPets, Spot, and Van Ness.

When purchasing the right cat bowl for your cat, look for a wide bowl that will not impede your cat's delicate whiskers when eating or drinking. Plastic cat bowls are the most economical option, however, many veterinarians and feline healthcare professionals suggest stainless steel cat bowls, glass cat bowls, and ceramic cat bowls because they are extremely easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria.

Some cat owners like to set up a cat feeding station with a feline placemat, water bowl, and food dish. We carry cat food mats in various sizes and colors to accommodate messy eaters and drinkers. Typically, a food dish and a water dish should sit level with your cat’s knees to minimize the amount of effort your cat needs to put into eating and drinking. Consider elevating your cat’s bowls, particularly if you have a senior cat or a cat with health issues.

Many cats prefer fresh, running water. In order to keep their water intake up and ensure that they are properly hydrated, look for a cat fountain that keeps the water circulating. Many also contain water filters for optimal water freshness and cleanliness. We carry feline water fountains from many trusted manufacturers such as PetSafe, Hagen Pet Products, Petmate, and Catit.

Feed your cats like the royalty that they are with a new bowl or cat feeder. Whether you have an indoor cat, an indoor/outdoor cat, or a barn cat, we have the best cat feeder for you. If you have any questions regarding our top cat bowl selection or would like assistance making your cat water fountain purchase, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and cat-loving sales staff.