Cat Grooming

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58 Results

Cats are notoriously clean animals, working hard to groom themselves and maintain a level of overall cleanliness. Sometimes, however, despite their best intentions, they need our help. We carry a large selection of cat grooming products to assist you in keeping your feline friend looking their best. 

Cats can need assistance grooming themselves for a variety of reasons. Young kittens or senior cats may not have the physical ability to clean themselves, while sick cats may not have the energy to do so. Certain longhaired breeds, like Himalayan Cats and Persian Cats, may not be able to keep up with their grooming needs. Additionally, frequent grooming limits the amount the hair which will be shed around your home.

We carry feline grooming products from trusted pet care brands including Espree, Four Paws, Hagen Pet Products, JW Pet, and PAW. Our selection includes brushes, cat claw clippers, feline shampoos, and cat grooming wipes.

Consistent brushing of your cat helps to remove excess hair while distributing the natural oil which aids in skin and coat health. It also helps you to manage painful mats before they form. Brushing your cat for just a few minutes each day is an easy and enjoyable process. The Andis Fine Tooth Deshedding Rake reaches the undercoat and painlessly removes excess hair. For shorthaired breeds, like Domestic Shorthairs and Siamese, the FURminator Short Hair Cat deShedding Tool is a popular option and provides professional grooming results.

Proper grooming of your cat will not only keep your cat healthier, it will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. If you have any questions about the feline products that we carry or would like a personalized recommendation for your cat, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff, many of whom are cat owners and cat lovers!