Feed Scoops

24 Results
24 Results

Perfectly portion your horse's grain with a feed scoop. These convenient scoops dig into your grain bin and make it easy to serve up dinner.

We carry a selection of plastic feed scoops and metal feed scoops from your favorite farm supply brands including Garant, GT Reid, Jacks, Little Giant, Miller Manufacturing, and Schneiders.

Our durable polypropylene feed scoops come in a rainbow of colors and are available in a number of sizes. With scoops ranging from 2 pints to 3 quarts, you can dish your horse's grain with one hand.

Heavy-duty stainless steel scoops are popular at big barns with their large capacity and durable nature. Carrying both hand scoops and shovel scoops, our selection ensures that you can quickly feed your herd.

Many feeding programs are based on weight, not volume. We recommend weighing your feed scoop so that you are able to accurately measure your horse's daily rations.

These versatile scoops have use beyond the feed room as well. Pick one up to conveniently fill your bird feeder and another one to easily spread lime or stall deodorizer throughout the stalls. Many equestrians use an additional scoop to spread salt and sand on icy areas during the frigid winter months. Add an extra feed scoop to your shopping cart, and you will quickly find that its uses are endless.

Make your horse's meal prep a breeze with a new feed scoop from The Cheshire Horse. Our friendly and experienced sales staff is always available to assist you with your purchase if you have questions regarding the grain scoops that we carry.