Salt Licks

20 Results
20 Results
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Tackle your horse's boredom by offering a salt lick. A salt lick or mineral lick will provide a tasty way to occupy your horse in her stall or out in the paddock. Salt licks also come with added health benefits, like ensuring that your active horse gets enough electrolytes every day. The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of salt and mineral licks that will supplement your horse's daily salt intake, as well as other minerals necessary to maintain good health.

We carry a variety of mineral licks that contain extra nutrients to balance out your horse's diet. Choices like the Buckeye Grass Plus Mineral & Vitamin Block, Trophy Rock All Natural Mineral Lick, or the Champions Choice Selenium "90" Trace Mineral Salt Block target specific nutrients needed for equine diets, while the Horslyx Mint and Horslyx Garlic licks offer general minerals and are flavored for taste or bug repellent. The EquiLix Mineral Block even contains protein for an energy boost.

The Cheshire Horse also offers a series of Himalayan salt bricks, some of the purest and most nutrient rich supplements we can find. Himalayan salt is often more dense than other salt blocks, making it a long-lasting option too.

For the horse with a sensitive mouth, we also offer granulated salt to add to your horses feed or as a free-choice option in their stall.