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9 Results

When long-lining, groundriving, or lunging your horse with side reins or a lunging system, a lunging surcingle is essential. A surcingle attaches around the horse's heart girth and allows the handler to organize and adjust the reins and lunging tools appropriately. The rings on the training surcingle allow for different rein placements so that you can find the correct one for you to build up your horse's topline and encourage them to move forward from their hindquarters. Some equestrians also use surcingles to introduce young horses and green horses to the feel of the girth before they introduce the saddle into their training program.

We carry a selection of neoprene, nylon, and leather surcingles from trusted equestrian brands including Weaver Leather, Shires, Henri de Rivel, Tough-1, and Intrepid International. Available in a wide array of sizes, we have miniature horse surcingles, pony surcingles, cob-sized surcingles, horse-sized surcingles, and draft horse surcingles.

For the comfort of your horse, many of the surcingles that we carry feature fleece padding on the back pads. If your horse is sensitive or frequently experiences saddle sores, consider using an all-purpose saddle pad under the surcingle for added protection.

As with any new piece of equipment, introduce a surcingle slowly and with caution. Enlist the help of an experienced equine professional or horse trainer if you need assistance learning how to teach your horse to accept a surcingle.

Increase the efficiency of your groundwork with a surcingle. Our friendly and experienced sales staff is always available to answer any questions regarding the equine training equipment that we carry or would like assistance purchasing the right surcingle for your horse and training program.