Pony Saddles & Saddle Pads

10 Results
10 Results

Equestrians of all ages love riding ponies! With their short backs and compact bodies, it is extremely important to use tack and equipment that fits them appropriately. We carry a large selection of pony saddles and saddle pads to keep you and your little equine comfortable during your horseback riding adventures.

Built smaller and with a shorter spine, pony saddle pads are perfect for the proportions of your small equine. We stock both English and Western saddle pads, both in-store and online, with an ample selection of all-purpose, dressage, hunter/jumper, felt, and wool pads from quality equestrian brands, including TuffRider, Horze, Toklat, Weaver Leather, and Mayatex. These saddle pads include the same details as their larger counterparts, including contoured withers and billet straps. Available in a rainbow of colors, you can choose a pad that will appeal to your young equestrian’s tastes.

In addition to our saddle pads, we also carry Western and English saddles sized perfectly for short-coupled ponies from high-quality brands, including Bates Saddlery and Arena Saddles. For leadliners through walk/trot riders, refer to our selection of Youth Saddles.

No matter the size of your mount, a properly fitting saddle is essential. Learn more about the importance of saddle fit on our blog post, The Effects of Poor Saddle Fit. If you have any questions about the saddles and saddle pads that we carry or would like assistance making your purchase, we encourage you to contact a friendly, highly-trained sales staff member. For our local customers, we also provide professional saddle fitting services for horses and ponies.