Weymouth Bits

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3 Results

The double bridle is often seen on upper level dressage horses as well as saddle seat horses. Hunter pleasure horses and show hack horses of breeds such as Saddlebreds, Morgans, and Arabians also wear double bridles (also known as a full bridle).

A double bridle is comprised of two bits; the Weymouth bit is the curb bit component and the bradoon bit is the snaffle component.

Carrying the best from Coronet, Herm Sprenger, Korsteel, Myler, Stubben we have a bit to fit every horse's mouth, taking their palate, tongue shape, and mouth size into consideration.

Popular among our customers, Herm Sprenger Weymouth Bit is manufactured from specialty aurigan metal. This composite encourages soft chewing of the bit, which leads to increased salivation and therefore acceptance of the bit.

Myler bits are built with the horse's comfort in mind, and their weymouth bits are no exception. The Myler Weymouth MB Bit - 33PB, Myler Weymouth MB Bit - 16PB, and the Myler Weymouth MB Bit -15PB were all developed using the theory of tongue relief and tongue pressure that have made the Myler Bit line so successful.

If you are working to transition your horse from a snaffle into a double bridle, check out the Shires Fixed Cheek Weymouth & Bradoon Set. This starter set is a complete full-bridle system, helping you to determine what your horse needs for a bradoon and weymouth combination while your horse becomes accustomed to the two bits.

All of our weymouths come standard with curb chains and curb hooks, but it never hurts to have a spare in your tack trunk. We carry a wide array of bit accessories in addition to our extensive selection of bits.

If you have questions about selecting the right weymouth for your horse or what size you should order, reach out to experienced sales staff for assistance.