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61 Results
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When you look at your horse, chances are, the first thing that you notice is their shiny coat (or lack thereof). The Cheshire Horse's full line-up of skin and coat supplements mean that your horse can be sporting a show ring shine year-round. After all, it requires more than consistent grooming and coat conditioners for a glossy look; a healthy coat comes from the inside out and is a sign of a healthy horse with proper nutrition.

Did you know that the horse's largest organ is skin? It makes sense to make sure that it is functioning at an optimal level. Our extensive selection of coat and skin equine supplements from popular companies such as Buckeye Nutrition, Farnam, HorseTech, Kentucky Performance Products, and Uckele make it easy to support skin and coat health in your horse or pony.

Utilizing ingredients such as soybean meal, flaxseed, and rice bran, these supplements provide omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to encourage healthy skin and a therefore a glossy coat. It is a requirement that the essential fatty acids (EFAs) are fed in proper ratios in order to avoid inflammation. All of our supplements have been thoroughly tested to ensure no negative effects.

Traditionally, people have suggested corn oil in order to supplement fat and induce shine. While anecdotal evidence does suggest it will promote a sheen, the oil is extremely high in omega 6 fatty acids and very low in omega 3's (which are anti-inflammatory). Research suggests that this will cause high levels of inflammation in your horse and therefore potentially cause lameness. Instead of feeding corn oil, use a coat supplement such as Mirra-Coat Powder or Uckele CocoSoya Oil.

Our coat and skin supplements do more than just produce a sleek coat and dapples, however. These popular supplements, Omega Fields Omega Horseshine and Grand Coat for example, moisturize the skin, which will then create a barrier against bacteria and infections.

Our friendly sales staff is experienced with supplements, they would love to help you select the correct supplement for your horse.