We strive to provide our customers with the products, tools, and services that they need to properly raise and care for their horses, pets, and livestock. Since 1997, we have been the leading source for farm supplies in the Northeast. Learn more about the extended services that we are pleased to offer our loyal customers.

Local Delivery

Delivery is available for our local customers for grain, hay, and shavings. We offer free feed delivery for 10 or more bags at regular price within Cheshire County, New Hampshire. Full pallet delivery is free within 30 miles of The Cheshire Horse in Swanzey, NH. Deliveries over 30 miles away will be charged $2.00 per loaded mile.

For delivery of shavings and/or hay within Cheshire County, there is a delivery fee of $25.00. Please note that there is a 10 bag/bale minimum. Deliveries outside of Cheshire County will be charged $2.00 per loaded mile. For larger orders, please contact us for a quote.

To arrange a local delivery order, please contact us at 877-358-3001.

Fencing Installation

Quickly and professionally install a fence on your property with our fencing installation services. Our trusted team will arrange all aspects of your installation project for a number of different livestock and privacy fencing materials, including vinyl, wood, field fencing, electric fencing, and woven wire fencing. Contact us today for a quote and learn how easy it is to begin your job. Our satisfied customers have come to rely on us for all of their fencing material and installation needs.

Blanket Cleaning and Repair

Extend the life of your horse’s blankets when you utilize our professional blanket cleaning and repair services. Our blanket cleaning service will launder your turnout and stable blankets and sheets with the highest quality detergents and then provide a waterproofing treatment if applicable. Your blankets and sheets will also be carefully inspected, with rips and tears being professionally repaired. Finally, they will be returned to you expertly packaged for storage until they are needed again.

Clipper Blade Sharpening

Sharp clipper blades are essential for a close, comfortable clip job. Frequent clipper blade sharpening entends the life of your blades while minimizing nicks and track marks. We offer blade sharpening services at a very affordable price; contact us at 877-358-3001 to learn more.

Certified Saddle Fitting

For our customers local to the Swanzey, NH, flagship store location, we are pleased to offer professional saddle fitting services. Our certified saddle fitter will come to you or meet you at the store to assess your horse’s unique shape and conformation. They will then help you find a properly-fitting saddle that meets the needs of both the horse and rider. We offer saddle fitting for close contact, dressage, endurance, and Western saddles. Call us at 877-358-3001 to learn more and set up your saddle fitting appointment.

Saddle Trials

All of the saddles in our store and our website are eligible for our generous seven-day saddle trial program (unless specifically mentioned). This gives you the opportunity to fit the saddle on your horse, ride in the saddle, and confirm that it is right for you and your horse. If it does not meet your needs, simply return the saddle in its original condition for a full refund. If you wish to have the saddle shipped, you will receive an extended trial period of two weeks (14 days). A full deposit payment is required, and you will be responsible for all shipping charges, including return shipping, if the saddle does not meet your needs.


We offer custom engraving of plastic and metal plates of all shapes and sizes. Saddle plates, halter plates, bridle plates, blanket tags, and stall plates are some of the quality engraved products we carry to help you personalize your tack and equipment.

Trailer Rentals

For your convenience, we offer two bumper pull trailers for rent, a 12-foot Featherlite stock trailer and a two-horse Frontier slant load trailer with ramp.

The stock trailer can be configured as a box stall or slant load as needed. It is available to rent for $100 per day (24 hours). There is a $75 refundable damage and cleaning fee.

The two-horse trailer is available to rent for $150 per day (24 hours). There is a $125 refundable damage and cleaning fee.

A valid driver's license and proof of insurance required at the time of rental. Call us at 877-578-6434 or email at [email protected] to reserve the trailer of your choice!

Hay Elevator Rental

We make it easy to load high-quality hay into your hay loft with our hay elevator rental. Our 16' Snowco Hay Elevator with a 1/2 horsepower 110 volt motor makes quick work of this summer chore. Equipped with a standard 110 electrical three-prong plug in, it is exceptionally easy to start and run. Customers are available to rent the hay elevator for the affordable price of $100 per day.

Fence Stretcher Rental

Expertly install tight fencing when you utilize a fence stretcher to properly tension the fence material. We offer fence stretcher rentals at the low price of only $25 per day. Our livestock fence stretcher can be used with all regular field fencing including the no-climb horse fence.

Feed Consultations

We are pleased to offer complimentary nutritional consultation services for horses, dogs, cats, pets, and livestock animals. A member of our highly trained and experienced sales staff will discuss your animal’s current diet with you and help you build a plan that meets all of their dietary requirements while addressing any concerns you may have. We can also help you find the perfect feed or supplement for your any pet, including picky eaters and seniors.

Dogs and Horses Welcome On-Site

We look forward to four-legged friends visiting us at our Swanzey, NH, store location. We encourage you to bring your horses directly to our property to make fitting saddles, blankets, hoof boots and more simple and hassle-free. Well behaved, leashed dogs are always welcome in our stores, follow us on Facebook for a peek at some of our adorable canine customers.

Free Educational Seminars

We offer free educational seminars that center around horse health and pet care. These seminars focus on important topics such as saddle fitting, animal nutrition, gastric health, bit selection, and much more. Sign up for our email newsletters or follow along on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date on all of our new seminar and clinic offerings and expand your equestrian knowledge base.