Fence Posts

30 Results
30 Results

Keep your fence standing sturdy and strong with the assistance of fence posts from The Cheshire Horse. The type of fence post that you need will reflect on your fencing choices as well as the animals that you care for. Whether you choose to build a classic three-rail fence, a poly-tape fence, or a more temporary poly-rope fence, we have the appropriate post option in stock both in-store and online. Learn more about the various types of fencing on our blog.

With T-posts fence posts, fiberglass fence posts and wooden pressure treated fence posts from quality manufacturers such as Baygard, Dare, Field Guardian, Geotek, and Zareba, we have the right fencing and fencing supplies for your needs.

Ditch the tools with one of our convenient step-in options. These temporary fence posts allow you to use your own weight to drive the post into the ground. Many of these posts, like the Dare 48" Orange Step In Post, the Fi-Shock 48" Black Step In, and the Baygard 44" Yellow Step In Post are complete with attached insulators to make fence installation quick and painless.

For smaller livestock and pets, the Garden Zone Multi Purpose Fence Post and the Garden Zone Multi Purpose Fence System allow you to quickly build and move enclosures. Many of our customers love them for keeping wild animals out of their vegetable and herb gardens.

Many electric fences requires a ground rod in order for the fence controller to be able to transmit the electric charge. We carry galvanized steel and copper ground rods to accommodate every situation. The Speedrite T-Handle Ground Rod is popular for temporary setups, while the Erico 5/8"X8' Copper Ground Rod and the Baygard 1/2"x6' Galvanized Steel Ground Rod are more appropriate for permanent applications.

We aim to make your fencing supply purchase as easy as possible. Our friendly sales associates are always available to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you in your purchase. We also offer fencing installation for our local customers, contact us for additional information or a fencing quote.