Quarter Sheets & Exercise Sheets

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17 Results
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Even though the temperature drops in the winter, we know that you can’t stay out of the saddle. As equestrians, we know how to handle the weather, bundling up with long underwear, gloves, and winter boots. What about your horse however? What are they wearing when you head out for a ride?

If your horse is body clipped or wears a blanket, it is suggested that your horse wear a quarter sheet or an exercise blanket when being ridden. Depending on your horse (and the weather), you may want to keep it on for the duration of your ride or just the warm-up and cool-down processes. 

We carry a full selection of riding sheets and blankets from quality companies such as Back on Track, Bucas, Horseware, Shires, and Waldhausen. Just like a winter blanket, select a proper quarter sheet suitable for that day’s weather. The Horseware Rambo Newmarket Competition Sheet and Waldhausen Exercise Sheet Economic are excellent for riding in indoor arenas or when the winter skies are clear. When it comes to inclement weather, turn to the Back on Track Nylon Exercise Sheet or Bucas Riding Sheet which offer protection from the elements while still being breathable. For horses with tight back muscles, the Back on Track Fleece Exercise Sheet utilizes ceramic tension and loosen muscles. 

If you ride on the trails on the roads, take a look at our reflective sheets to ensure your safety. These will help drivers, hunters, and bikers easily see you and your horse. The Shires Equestrian Equi-Flector® Mesh Exercise Sheet and the Waldhausen Reflex Horse Reflective Horse Cover are extremely lightweight and can be worn during the summer months or hunting season. 

Our friendly sales staff has years of experience in the saddle, we would love to help you select the right exercise sheet for your horse and situation.