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58 Results

Keeping your saddle securely in place, and doing so comfortably, is easy with the right girth. English horse girths come in a wide variety of materials and shapes, so choosing the right one isn't always easy. At The Cheshire Horse, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect girth for your horse, and our large selection of leather and synthetic girths are sure to fit your horse and budget.

A classic leather girth is a great option for both competitive and casual riding, and we carry high-quality options from Tory Leather, Professional's Choice, and Total Saddle Fit. The Tory Leather Single-End Elastic Contour Girth is a classic. It's padded inside for comfort and slightly contoured to allow your horse more freedom of movement, making it functional for all English riding. If a specific jumping girth is what you're looking for, consider the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth - Jump and AP. This high-contoured girth keeps pressure off your horse's shoulders and prevents the saddle from slipping forward. Dressage riders will also find a great variety of dressage girths, both synthetic and leather.

For a budget-friendly schooling girth, The Cheshire Horse carries a series of synthetic and fleece-lined girths that are comfortable and easily cleaned. The Lettia CoolMax Fleece-Lined Girth is the ultimate comfort girth; it's fleece-lined and padded, and with CoolMax technology to keep your horse cool under the girth. Browse our selection for more girths like this and even some with anti-microbial technology.

Already have a leather girth, but want some padding? The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of washable girth covers that will protect your horse's skin from rubbing. The Ovation Incredible Girth Sock fits just about any girth and is machine washable, and the Roma and Fleeceworks fleece girth covers will easily wick moisture out from under the girth.

Check out our other girth accessories for girth extenders and other add-ons.