Rodent & Pest Control

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109 Results

Stay goodbye to uninvited guests with our extensive line of rodent and pest control options. More than just a nuisance, these pesky critters can wreak havoc within your barn. When mice, chipmunks, rats, and other rodents discover your grain supply, they are eager to enjoy a meal and contaminate the feed in the process. Not only does this create a mess within the feed room, it is also costly to replace all of the contaminated grain. When dealing with a rodent infestation or insect infestation, it is imperative to use a multi-pronged approach to eliminating the problem.

We carry an extensive selection of rodent and pest control products to assist you in the barn as well as in the hay storage and equipment sheds. Carrying your favorite pest control brands, including St. Gabriel, EarthKind, EcoClear, Just One Bite, and so much more, we carry all-natural rodent deterrents and organic rodent repellents in addition to traditional rodent bait stations, rodent pellets, and rodent traps. This allows you to eliminate the rodent inhabitants in your barn, stable, shed, or house and then discourage them from returning.

When looking at pest control, it is important to have a well rounded approach that targets pesky critters from every angle. Our pest control supplies will help you to eliminate the population of spiders, wasps, ants, bees, hornets, moths, beetles, flies, hornets, and mosquitos from your barn. With non-toxic and organic repellent, trap, and pesticide options, our products make pest control easy and safe. Learn more about innovative flying insect control options on our blog post, Beat the Bugs.

A prudent rodent and pest control program in your barn will keep your horses and livestock much happier and healthier. If you have questions regarding rodent and pest control tactics or would like assistance choosing the right pest control products for your application, we encourage you to speak with our knowledgeable and highly-trained sales staff.