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57 Results

If you own indoor cats, a litter box is a fact of life. Having a hygienic place for your cat to use the bathroom is essential for the health and wellbeing of both you and your feline friend. Cats and kittens instinctively use a litter box since their nature behavior encourages them to bury their feces and urine.

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide selection of litter, litter boxes, litter box deodorizers, and litter box cleaning supplies from your favorite pet supply brands including Hagen Pet Products, Nature's Miracle, Okocat, Van Ness, and World's Best Cat Litter. Many cat owners prefer clumping litter, which gathers the urine and feces into hard clumps which are easily removed with a litter rake. We also carry non-clumping litters; typically these absorb the moisture from your cat's urination and defecation.

Control ammonia gases and other noxious odors with litter deodorizers. These powders or sprays help to refresh the litter and allow you go longer in between changing out the litter. Eliminating foul odors at the source means that you can enjoy more time with your feline friend.

Despite their best intentions, kitties can be a bit messy with their bathroom habits. A mat placed in front of the litter box will catch any excess litter and help your cat wipe their paws. We carry litter mats to match every decor style in a wide array of sizes.

Due to the size and weight of these products, they may incur additional shipping charges. We also offer free in-store pickup for all online orders at our Swanzey, NH, flagship store location.

Provide your cats with a safe and clean bathroom with our selection of cat litter supplies. Our friendly and cat-loving sales staff is available if you have any questions regarding the kitty litter that we carry or would like assistance making your purchase.