Protective Vests

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16 Results
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When taking on a 3-foot jump or galloping through an open field, a protective vest can give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to encourage your horse along. Protective vests are designed to protect your ribs, soft tissue, and vital organs in the event of a major fall or emergency dismount. Standard protective vests are made of lightweight high-density foam or gel that absorbs and distributes energy upon impact, cushioning your torso in the event of a fall. Some vests act like your vehicle's airbag, with the option to trigger airflow to fill up the vest when you come off your horse. All vests come in a variety of styles tailored for the specific needs of the rider, striving to find the right balance between safety and freedom of movement, especially for eventers needing a large range of motion in the hips and shoulders.

We proudly offer a selection of protective and eventing vests from Charles Owen, Tipperary, Roma, and AiroWear. Choose from a variety of styles and fits, unisex or made just for women. The AiroWear Outlyne Body Protector is designed specifically with the female shape in mind. All of our vests are functional and stylish, meeting body protector safety standards, ASTM, SEI, and BETA approved.

Looking for kids' sizes for your beginner jumper? We have a great selection of youth and children's sizes for the smallest eventers too.

Finding the right fit for a protective vest can be overwhelming, so our knowledgeable staff at The Cheshire Horse is ready to help you in selection and sizing.