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17 Results

Great Western horses are made, not born. By using thoughtful and patient training techniques, an equestrian can put a solid foundation on their horse while developing their skills in hand and under saddle. We carry an extensive selection of training equipment designed specifically for the Western rider.

Encourage your horse to stretch over his back, engage his hindquarters, and set his head with a training fork or Western martingale. These training aids attach to your horse’s cinch and have loops for you to run your reins through. When properly adjusted, a Western fork prevents your horse from raising his head to evade the bit, and it teaches them to accept proper bit contact. We carry a number of Western training aids from your favorite equestrian manufacturers including Fabtron, Professional's Choice, and Weaver Leather.

When teaching a horse to ground tie, hobbles can be a valuable training tool. Ankle hobbles limit your horse’s movement in a humane way. We carry leather hobbles lined with sheepskin, which provide your horse the most comfort and safety available. Shop our ankle hobbles, hock hobbles, and kicking chains from trusted stock seat brands such as Professional’s Choice.

In addition to our Western training tack, we also carry a full inventory of lunge lines, draw reins, tie-downs, training forks, crops, spurs, and Western nosebands and cavessons.

From starting a young horse to putting the finishing touches on your show horse, we carry the training aids that you need to communicate clearly with your mount. If you have any questions regarding the training equipment that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best Western training tack for your horse, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and experienced sale staff.