Baucher Bits

10 Results
10 Results

The baucher bit, sometimes also referred to as a hanging cheek snaffle, is easily recognizable with its unique cheek shape. The bit attaches to the bridle via a short arm which is situated above the snaffle ring. Because of this fixed cheek, the baucher bit stays steady in the horse's mouth and does not shift when the reins are used. This stabilized effect makes the baucher an excellent selection for horses that do like feeling the bit move in their mouth.

Many people believe that due to the shape of the bit, the baucher is a curb bit. However, this simply isn't the case. This bit does not put any additional pressure on the poll and is in fact considered a snaffle.

We carry an extensive selection of baucher bits from Korsteel, Myler Bits, and Shires. From jointed mouthpieces to waterford snaffles, we offer a wide array of mouthpieces. For horses that prefer a milder bit, the Shires Equikind Mullen Baucher Bit may be the right fit.

Many baucher bits are legal in the dressage arena. The Smith Worthington French Link Baucher Bit and the Shires Hanging Cheek with Brass Alloy Lozenge Mouth are popular among our dressage and eventing customers. Be sure to refer to the United States Dressage Federation or United States Eventing Association rulebook if you have any questions about the legality of your equipment.

Do you think that the baucher bit may be the right bit for your horse? Contact our experienced sales staff to answer any questions you may have and help you become confident in your purchase.