Draw Reins

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10 Results

Draw reins are an artificial aid which assists the rider in teaching their horse to flex at the poll. When used properly by educated hands, draw reins can encourage your horse to carry themselves correctly and be soft in the bridle. They are typically used on horses who travel in an inverted manner, to teach them to lower their head and travel with a more relaxed headset.

We carry leather, rope, and nylon draw reins in English and Western styles from trusted equine manufacturers, including Triple E, Kincade, KL Select, and Weaver Leather. Some reins are shorter and are designed to clip to a martingale or training yoke. Other draw reins are longer and are clipped to the girth, saddle dee rings, or saddle billets.

As with any piece of new equipment, draw reins should be used under the guidance of an experienced equestrian or an equine professional. Draw reins are not recommended for use with green horses, but they can be a valuable tool for retraining or tuning up a well-broke horse.

Draw reins can be a helpful training tool when used correctly. If you have any questions about the draw reins that we carry or would like to know if draw reins would be an appropriate training tool for your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.