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Working or transporting your horse in the summer months can cause them to overheat, stress out, or dehydrate. In extreme situations, dehydration can cause severe damage to your horse's digestive and neurological health. To remedy these stressful situations, horse owners often feed an electrolyte supplement to help maintain and restore a proper balance of vitamins and electrolytes.

The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of electrolyte supplements in powder, liquid, and paste forms. Paste electrolytes like Neogen Stress-Dex , Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte, and Finish Line Electrocharge are great for travel. Simply administer one of these single-use tubes the morning before a show or after long, hot trail ride and see your horse's energy restored.

For long-term or multi-horse use, consider a supplement that comes in granular or powder form, like Durvet DuraLyte, orAnimed SweatAgain. Give these supplements with your horses' morning feed to make sure they have the right amount of electrolytes to stay hydrated.

Another innovative supplement we carry is KERx Restore SR, which uses sodium and slow-release technology to allow your horse to gradually recover and replenish their electrolytes.

Learn more about when electrolytes might be necessary for your horse on our blog.

Remember to talk with your vet to determine the best supplement regimen for your horse's health, then come to The Cheshire Horse to find what you need.