Long Lines & Lunge Systems

15 Results
15 Results

Develop your horse's topline and encourage them to fully utilize their hindquarters with our selection of lunging systems and long lines. Working with your horse from the ground allows you to build muscle and cardiac fitness without needing to ride them.

Ground driving or long lining simulates riding the horse. The two reins allows you to steer and maneuver your horse and communicate clearly with them. In fact, in classical dressage, many upper level movements such as piaffe, passage, and tempi changes are taught on long lines before they are ever asked for under saddle. Long lines should be comfortable in your hand while sliding smoothly through the rings of your lunging surcingle. We carry a number of ground driving lines and long lines from your trusted equestrian brands including Jacks and Weaver Leather.

Lunging systems are popular among equestrians of nearly every discipline. They help to teach your horse to round their back and push off from their hind end while finding their own balance. The Pessoa Lunging System has been the favored system for many years, offering four different headset positions depending on your horse's level of training and conformation; more economical lunging systems are also available from Waldhausen. Be sure to introduce a lunging system to your horse slowly, since they may fatigue quickly during the onset of its use.

Increase your horse's level of fitness and training level with long lines or a lunging system. If you have any questions regarding our extensive inventory of lunging supplies or would like assistance selecting the proper groundwork tack and equipment for you horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff who have years of hands-on horse experience.