Trail Saddles

30 Results
30 Results

Hit the trails with a comfortable Western trail saddle from The Cheshire Horse. These saddles are built on a lightweight tree, making them popular among trail riders and pleasure riders. Designed with functionality in mind, trail saddles feature numerous dee-rings and tie straps to accommodate saddlebags, water bottles, and bedrolls so that you can carry gear for every equestrian adventure.

With padded seats and smooth fenders, trail saddles are comfortable enough to spend all day on your horse. Trail saddles are also used for schooling horses and are sought-after saddles for daily training and riding.

We carry a wide selection of leather Western trail saddles from top-quality saddlery brands including Circle Y, Fabtron, High Horse, and Tucker Saddlery. With a wide array of tree configurations, we can help you fit those hard-to-fit horses. In addition to full Quarter Horse bars and semi Quarter Horse bars, we also carry Arabian trail saddles, Gaited trail saddles, and Draft trail saddles. Our selection of trail saddles have all been designed with the comfort of horse and rider in mind.

Synthetic Western trail saddles have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Extremely durable and easy to care for, synthetic saddles are designed to withstand hours of heavy riding, even in wet conditions. Combine this with their attractively low price point, and it’s easy to understand why they are among our best-selling Western saddles. Shop our collection of synthetic Western saddles from Abetta and Wintec.

In addition to our new trail saddles, we also carry a number of used trail saddles on consignment.

A properly fitting saddle is essential to the soundness and happiness of your horse. Learn more about the importance of saddle fit on our blog, The Effects of Poor Saddle Fit. If you have any questions regarding the trail saddles and pleasure saddles that we carry or would like assistance making your saddle purchase, we encourage you to speak with a member of friendly and experienced sales staff. We understand that buying a new saddle is a big investment and want to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase. 

For our local customers, we also offer professional saddle fitting services. Contact us today to set up your appointment.