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16 Results
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Ride confidently down the centerline with a new dressage saddle from The Cheshire Horse. Designed with a deep seat and a straighter flap, dressage saddles allow the rider to ride with a longer stirrup and an upright position. Whether you are developing your horse’s working trot or schooling piaffe and passage, we have a dressage saddle to fit you, your horse, and your budget.

Our extensive inventory of leather dressage saddles includes high-quality equestrian brands such as Arena Saddles, Bates Saddlery, and Ovation. Arena Saddles and Bates Saddlery build saddles with an integrated easy-change gullet system and CAIR cushion panels to ensure a comfortable fit on every horse you ride. By taking the time to fit your dressage saddle to your horse properly, you can enhance their gaits, eliminate back soreness, and improve your dressage test scores.

We also carry a collection of synthetic dressage saddles from Wintec Saddlery. Very durable and easy to care for, synthetic saddles are popular among dressage riders of every skill level. More lightweight than traditional dressage saddles, they are also available at a lower price.

In addition to our new dressage saddles, we also carry many used dressage saddles on consignment.

Improve the performance of both you and your horse as you move up the levels with a properly fitting dressage saddle. Learn more about the importance of saddle fit on our blog, The Effects of Poor Saddle Fit. Our experienced sales staff is always available to answer your questions regarding the dressage saddles that we carry or to take measurements on a specific saddle. 

For our local customers, we are also proud to offer professional saddle fit services. Contact us today to set up your appointment. Our saddles are all eligible for a generous seven-day trial program. Learn more by reading: The Cheshire Horse Saddle Trial Program.